All our pieces are handcrafted in a small, family owned factory in Málaga, Spain. 

One of the biggest issues of the industry is the lack of responsibility over where garments are produced. We want to differentiate ourselves from the mass-market brands that manufacture overseas and be able to ensure that every person involved in the making of our pieces lives a happy life in fair working conditions. 

Long-lasting is at the core of our values and that also stands for our people and partners. Our beloved Spanish factory is regulated and keeps a safe and clean working environment for their team. Legal working schedules are kept strictly and salaries are fair.


Both our manufacturers and our raw material suppliers are sourced locally.

By sourcing locally, we ensure the minimum carbon footprint is attributed to each product we make. Every material comes from suppliers in Spain, Italy and some from the rest of Europe. All of them have a direct relationship with us and are audited either by us or by our manufacturer. The travel of those materials to Spain is made by road, not air, also reSustainability is an in built mindset, culture and lifestyle, for us, it is the heart of the company. 


We are based in Barcelona in the heart of the Mediterranean, our respect for nature comes from our love for the outdoors and the will to preserve our beautiful planet as a priority.




We are committed to using the best quality fabrics that are kind to both people and the planet.

Many of our tops are made with deadstock fabrics. Upcycling and giving a new life to forgotten materials is at the core of our filosophy. Many tops are made in high quality fabrics such as silks and embroidered cotton and organza that are leftovers from the bridal industry which is very big here in Spain. We rescue these beautiful treasures and give them a new life.

Other fabrics we use are sustainable Viscose (Eco Vero certificate), Organic cotton, Tencel and Linen. 

About our mules: These are made in Certified leather. The leather used is always the cleanest, best type of leather, certified by the Leather Working Group. Still a great, durable, byproduct of another industry, when we use real leather we’re sure products will be durable, thus making them last longer which also means less waste.

By purchasing certified leather, we can track origins, as well as environmentally responsible practices on the process, from the raw material to the end product. Moreover, no harmful chemicals are used and the water consumption is also reduced by 50%.


The Pre-order model enables us to sustainably meet supply and demand, avoiding waste and extra stocks at the end of the season. 

We can adjust production and quantities to what you really want to wear, tasting products without any risk, and most importantly, avoiding meaningless over production and unnecessary stock to contribute to a cleaner world. We believe this model is the future, and we can assure you it will be worth the wait!



We promise to remain transparent in our approach to fashion whilst producing collections of the finest quality.

We want to create a change in the fashion industry, where producers and consumers are unified by a responsible attitude to fashion. We pledge to continue crafting our pieces consciously and in sustainable materials which will not harm our planet.

We will continue to fight for fair labor and to be inclusive within our team, across our social media channels and in our campaigns. We believe in fair and equal societies and a fashion industry that is inclusive and representative.